tony dib
Ottawa based professional photographer specializing in event coverage, commercial, editorial and portraits.


Watch me

@tonydibphoto  get it? Watch me? Yeah I know. Get used to the lame jokes. 

@tonydibphoto get it? Watch me? Yeah I know. Get used to the lame jokes. 

So during portfolio season at college, you can just imagine the stress one goes through in trying to create their style, who they are, and still be creative during the crunch time of portfolio drop. I've almost always been into portraits and keeping my style alive through people. But during crunch time, I found my style and it was in an odd place. 


I've never truly liked shooting commercial photography. I know it sounds crazy but I was only into portraits. Needing to see the person's face and keeping things lively. Though through school I started trying to get into more of an editorial style of shooting. As my work got better, I noticed, it wasn't going into the direction I was hoping. Editorial turned into fashion and fashion turned into commercial. When you style grows you have to go with it. Forcing it just makes a mess and trying to fix that, well let's just say there's only so much photoshop can do. You must go with the flow and embrace your change and your personal and professional growth. 


Like I said. I never liked shooting commercial photography. But here I am. An Ottawa based commercial, editorial photographer. (Yes I'm still shooting editorial. I gotta let out my artistic juices somehow!)  


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