Assistant becomes the stand in

@christianlalonde    So the back of my head is famous by the way.. You know. If you haven't recognized it already.  

@christianlalonde So the back of my head is famous by the way.. You know. If you haven't recognized it already.  

While I was assisting for a photoshoot during my internship, I was asked to sit in to add a little more dimension to the image. So I sat in the background, doing my best to keep the back of my head looking pretty.


It's always a funny situation when it happens and I'll be honest. It seems to happen more than you would think in the "life style / commercial" photography world. 

It remains to be seen if that image is going to be used but it's the nicest of them all since I'm in it and all. Everyone needs a little Tony in their life.  


It's always a blast to work with this photographer. Chris lalonde is so efficient, proffesional and talented. I've learned so much from just being around the guy. 

By the way, that robe was extreamly comfortable. 

Watch me

@tonydibphoto  get it? Watch me? Yeah I know. Get used to the lame jokes. 

@tonydibphoto get it? Watch me? Yeah I know. Get used to the lame jokes. 

So during portfolio season at college, you can just imagine the stress one goes through in trying to create their style, who they are, and still be creative during the crunch time of portfolio drop. I've almost always been into portraits and keeping my style alive through people. But during crunch time, I found my style and it was in an odd place. 


I've never truly liked shooting commercial photography. I know it sounds crazy but I was only into portraits. Needing to see the person's face and keeping things lively. Though through school I started trying to get into more of an editorial style of shooting. As my work got better, I noticed, it wasn't going into the direction I was hoping. Editorial turned into fashion and fashion turned into commercial. When you style grows you have to go with it. Forcing it just makes a mess and trying to fix that, well let's just say there's only so much photoshop can do. You must go with the flow and embrace your change and your personal and professional growth. 


Like I said. I never liked shooting commercial photography. But here I am. An Ottawa based commercial, editorial photographer. (Yes I'm still shooting editorial. I gotta let out my artistic juices somehow!)  


Check out my instagram and let me know what you think. @tonydibphoto 



This happens when you sit in for a model

This happens when you sit in for a model

So to finally graduate from photography school I'm required to work with a professional for a certain amount of hours who has been in the industry for a few years already. This has been a great experience so far! I've been assisting the commercial photographer of Photolux studio, Chris Lalonde. What great guy and extreamly talented. I'm proud to say I'm learning from one of the best. Though I have to admit.. Being at the studio for 5am tomorrow is not going to be the highlight of this internship.  

Fashion blog collab. ModernCharmant

So I've had the pleasure to work with Braeden from ModernCharmant. He asked me to help him create more original content for his blog and web site. He surrounds himself in men's fashion but he tells me he's excited to move toward female fashion! You should check him out and let him and he's awesome blog tell you his story. I'm just a photographer. Not a story teller. His website is easy to navigate and super informative of all the latest fashions here in the capital, Ottawa, and the city of music and art, Montreal.

Sunday turned out great!

Here is a quick off shot from the shoot on Sunday for an assignment in photo school. I love working in the studio but on the occasion that I get to work on location, I seem to get super excited. It seams that excitement reflects in the images and seems to always come out better when enthusiasm has been a factor compared to a shoot without. Thanks to the awesome model Joshua Boileau for bearing the cold of Ottawa! 

I was approached by a fashion blog?

Soon I will be shooting for a fashion blog here in Ottawa! We start photographing outfits this Monday! It will be a once a month shoot at first though the frequency will be going up once it becomes more popular. I can't release anymore information than that but once things start rolling I will be posting links of the website and instagram. 

Make up shoot with ms.kimberella

Recently I came into contact with an old friend who wants to brand herself as a make up artist. I couldn't help but notice her skills immediately and asked if we can work on a simple project together. Her work can range from the everyday make up to the extremes. Excited to work with Ms Kimberella again soon!

A website for who?

That's right. Apparently I now have a website show casing my work. Not only is this a place to see what I've created recently but also an avenue to contact me and follow my life as a photographer here in the nation's capital of Ottawa! From time to time I'll leave interesting links about everything photography and stuff that I've been working on. This post is only to start off on the right foot by saying "Hello!"